Authors of Mayhem

Authors of Mayhem

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In this course we'll discuss publishing your own work in the digital age, as well as strategies for marketing, editing, and cover design. Participants will create their own book/business outline while in the course, and have available to them ongoing mentorship regarding making their work a reality. 

The overall strategy is to bring your own ideas for your work, which will be properly outlined and designed through the course. Once complete, you may elect to recieve continued eduication with the goal to complete your novel before the end of 2019.
Cherie Guillen will share industry tips for those editing their work for the first time.  We will also discuss free resources for continual education on this topic. (5 Part Class)

Part 1:  Workshop 1  -  Friday       6:45pm  -  A Desecent into Villainy (Intro to Indie Storytelling)

Part 2:  Workshop 2  -  Saturday  4:15 pm  -  The Sorcery Stories

Part 3:  Workshop 2  -  Saturday  5:30 pm  -  Mad Science

Part 4:  Workshop 2  -  Sunday  10:00 am  -  Enslaving your First Cult

Part 5:  Workshop 2  -  Sunday  12:30 am  -  Regarding Necromancy and Unnatural Arts

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